This is a long overdue note of thanks for making the outcome of our renovation project a big success. There are many characteristics you possess which I feel contributed to it's success. You have a rare combination of creative, thoughtful and practical design capabilities which always addressed our wish list of features. This was coupled with your endless attention to detail throughout all the stages of the project.    I was continually impressed by your amazing patience. Whenever I called you with a new idea, a problem or a concern you listened carefully and always responded with intelligence and your depth of resourcefulness. Your follow-up on issues and problems was very complete.    There were so many challenges along the way which you met and dealt with head on. I couldn't help but notice that on so many occasions when even I was ready to accept a compromise solution you persevered to find a much better answer so that your very high standards could be met. Those high standards benefited us in countless ways.    My husband and I genuinely enjoyed working with you and Nancy. We feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to work together.
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